My Running Must Have’s

You are probably reading this because you’ve taken the brave decision to take up running. It’s not so much a tough decision, but a wise move. Running has made me what I am today and I would urge anyone with even the slightest inclination toward this great pastime, to simply go for it.

Remember the days when you were a kid, how effortlessly you ran? Babies often run before they ever walk, and in my opinion, running is something that comes naturally to us humans. Perhaps we just forget how, get stuck on our sofas and allow our inherent and vibrant running energy to dissipate.

It’s time to reclaim your running heart and to help you do so, I am listing a few basic prerequisites:

  • Get Yourself a Running Buddy: I started running on my own, thinking that no one would be quite as slow as I, however in hindsight, the entire process would have been considerably easier with a mate. A running buddy will increase your motivation, make the run more interesting and be there, when you feel like giving up. Running solo can be a lonely pursuit and personally, I’d much rather run with someone of equal fitness or someone that is slightly faster than me. Picking the right partner is essential, however, being honest about your fitness level will greatly improve your chances of finding the perfect running buddy.
  • Invest in Proper Running Shoes and Socks: Be fussy about your footwear, it will greatly improve your chances of successful running. Don’t just pick a random pair of trainers, visit your local sports store and avail of the advice of a trained salesperson. Proper running shoes should have good ventilation to prevent your feet from becoming hot and sweaty, which can lead to blisters and fungus. TerraCalm antifungal mineral clay and similar mineral clays are a runner’s best friend to keep your feet in good shape, but good socks are also a must. Much research has gone into the design of good running shoes and you might as well benefit.
  • Running Shorts: Running shorts are just as important. They are specifically designed to stop you from getting an irritating rash between your legs. Such skin irritations can be rather painful and stop you in your tracks. Anti-chafing products award further protection and are well worth the investment.
  • Weather Protective Clothing: It’s worth investing in designated running gear as it is designed to protect you from the elements. A jacket made from breathable fabric will keep the rain as well as excessive heat out without making you sweat.
  • Sun Protection: Never forget to apply sun lotion, you don’t want to get sunburnt while on your run.
  • High Visibility Vest: Cars won’t see you unless you wear high visibility gear for your own safety. Usually, these vests are light and you won’t even know you are wearing one.
  • Running App or Music Player: When you’re hitting the pavement solo, immersing yourself in your favorite album can be a powerful motivator. There are numerous running music apps at your disposal, each offering a unique playlist to enhance your workout experience. Additionally, consider tuning in to a tech news podcast or one tailored to your specific interests. This not only keeps you entertained but also well-informed.
  • Activity Tracker: This is something that once I started using, I wasn’t able to stop. Having a fitness tracker, be it from FitBit or any other brand, can help you monitor your calories, heart rate, and other physical aspects of your daily runs. Some can even help you keep a track of your sleep schedule. With these, and so many more, functions, an activity tracker can be a runner’s best friend. You can also switch up on the wrist bands, depending on your mood, provided you purchase some extra ones from sites like or similar ones. Either way, whether you do or don’t, if you’re a regular runner, or even someone wanting to start running, an activity tracker would be a purchase you won’t regret.
  • Water and Sports Drinks: Hydration is vital, especially during hot summer months. You may use water or invest in an isotonic drink.
  • Snacks: If you are going for a longer run, you may like to bring a snack. Make sure it’s easy to digest and provides you with lots of energy. Simple foods like bananas, dried fruit and honey sandwiches can help replenish your energy during a run.
  • Post Run Recovery: Your muscles are going to hurt after a run. Reasonably priced foam rollers will allow you to work some of the lactic acid out of your legs. A fitness instructor or sports store sales assistance will tell you how to use one.

Follow This Advice

All of the above listed points are essential and I would urge you to follow them all so that your efforts won’t be in vain. You will find greater enjoyment and satisfaction and your body will soon find a good running rhythm. You know how to run, your inherent knowledge might just be buried and is waiting to be rediscovered.

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