10 Ways to Create a Home Gym that Rivals a Public Gym

It doesn’t matter where your home gym is, be it a spare room, a garage, basement or outdoors, we have 10 tips and tricks to make your home gym an enjoyable place to workout in. Plus, if you’re thinking about making some home improvements because you’re trying to add value to your property before selling, a home gym is in high demand!

1. Mirrors are your friend

Mirrors are a great feature to have in a home gym because it helps you keep proper form when you’re doing things like lifting weight or going through various yoga moves. Mirrors can also make the room a lot brighter if placed in front of a window.

2. Install non-slip flooring

Non-slip flooring is essential for home gyms because you don’t want to accidentally slip and hurt yourself – especially if you’re lifting weights! We recommend using interlocking foam tiles or even carpet tiles. You can also look into epoxy resin flooring that could be laid by a company such as Ultrasyntec or a similar service provider. The resin floors can be scratchproof, slip-resistant, and anti-static, which might be useful in the gym.

3. Organization is key

Having an organizational unit can be very helpful if you have a lot of exercise gear like resistance bands, exercise books, videos, and other props. If you have dumbbells, keep them neat and organized on a free weight stand.

4. Have a television or stand for a tablet

A television or a tablet can be a great tool when you’re working out. You can watch your instructional videos or catch up on the latest episode of your favorite show while working out. For example, you can have a VIZIO SmartCast 4K TV. It is known to have built-in apps for streaming. This means you can get 4K content on it without even upgrading your Apple TV or Roku. Additionally, it would be a good idea to possess a Universal SmartCast TV Remote (which can be purchased from https://www.vizio.com/en/shop/remotes) that happens to have multiple functions ranging from quick launch buttons to WatchFree buttons to make your streaming and workout sessions exciting. That said, we like to hang the television on the wall so it frees up space in the room, but you can always use a tablet on a stand if you don’t have the space for a full-sized television.

5. Don’t forget the radio

If you get energized by music more than the television, then by all means bring in a radio! It doesn’t have to be a huge sound system, either. You could just have a bluetooth speaker and connect your phone’s playlist to it if you want to keep it simple.

6. Include a low table

A home gym doesn’t have to be packed with workout equipment alone. You’ll want a low table so that your water bottle is easily accessible. A table is also good if you are into meditation, as you can put a candle on it, chimes, and other calming accessories.

7. Beverage station

A beverage station doesn’t mean a complete bar with a lot of beverages on top. It can be as simple as a pitcher of water with glasses on a table. If you have the space and the gym will get used a lot, you could opt for a mini-fridge with a variety of hydrating beverages and maybe a bin with healthy snacks.

8. Decorate with inspirational art

In a space where you’re working on your physical and mental well-being, a few appropriate art pieces can add to that vibe. We like hanging simple prints that evoke a feeling of calmness, but feel free to hang anything that speaks to you!

9. Have baskets for towels

If you’re going to be sweating to the oldies (figuratively speaking), you’re bound to sweat and if you’re like us and forget things from time to time, that basket of clean towels will be a godsend. Plus there’s something to be said about how motivational rolled-up white towels can be when you’re trying to create a zen workout/meditation space. Going along with this you may want to also consider installing fans or looking into air conditioning services to see if someone can possibly install an air conditioning unit for you if this was something you were interested in. A gym in summer can sometimes become an unpleasantly warm space so having a way to keep the space cool, may make it more comfortable for you to work out in.

10. Let the sun in

If your gym space has a lot of windows, don’t cover them up with blinds or curtains! The natural sunlight can be a great source of vitamin D, but it also is a mood lifter! Plus when you have a lot of natural sunlight, you don’t need to use any lights, which helps save on the electric bill.

Home gyms can add value in more ways than one

When you add a home gym to your house, you aren’t just going to reap the rewards in terms of health – your property value will increase as well. The thing about a home gym is that it doesn’t have to rival that of a small public gym. The name of the game here is to build a space that’ll work for you!

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