4 Common Accidents During Sports Events

Watching sporting events is a great type of entertainment for all different types of people. Unfortunately, because of the risks associated with some of the ways that athletic activities work, there are going to be some common accidents that occur that require medical attention. Whether you’ve torn a muscle at the gym or your kid has broken their wrist at sports day, it’s inevitable that at some point in your life you’re going to need to pay A&E a visit after a sporting injury. Luckily, the doctors and nurses at your local urgent care unit, like this Windsor urgent care unit, are well-practiced in dealing with sporting injuries, so there’s no need to worry. For better or worse, this is just part of engaging in physical activity. It doesn’t mean that these accidents are good or necessary, but it does mean that they can be planned for.

Four common accidents that you’ll run into during various types of sports events include vehicle race crashes, concussions, broken bones, and sprains and strains. There are injuries and accidents in all aspects of life, but ones that take place in the sporting realm tend to get a little bit different type of attention.

Vehicle Race Crashes

In any sport where there are vehicles involved, there is always the opportunity for motor vehicle accidents. Some sports are even based around the idea of car crashes, like demolition derby for instance. On race days where cars or motorcycles are raising each other, the athletes driving or riding the vehicles are going to be as careful as they can within reason, but it’s not uncommon for there to be fairly serious vehicle crashes during the course of an event. As much as possible, the athletes and the audience are protected, but you will occasionally hear incidents where the damage was not able to be contained very well.


One of the most common sports injuries is when athletes get a concussion. Even in sports where contact is generally not all that severe, there can be many cases when a bump on the head causes a serious enough injury. You would normally think of concussions coming more from football and rugby, but there are concussions in baseball, wrestling, track and field, and in many other types of events as well.

Broken Bones

A more serious injury may occur at a sporting event when a bone is broken. Even with all the padding that’s involved, football players, hockey players, lacrosse players, and soccer players will often end up with broken bones. Simply because of the nature of the games, these injuries can take players out for entire seasons or even more. It’s important that athletes play with as much control as possible, but due to the intensity of some moments and physics themselves, broken bones are something that definitely occur regularly.

Sprains and Strains

How often have you been watching some sort of sporting event where a player goes down grabbing a knee, ankle, or shoulder? Sprains and strains are extremely common whenever there is a large range of motion or if there is a specifically intense type of movement that is required during the course of the event. Think of the stress on an athlete’s arm in a baseball game or in a tennis match. This can easily translate into an injury that needs to get taken care of accordingly.

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