Adidas Adizero jersey and bibs

Adidas do not make compromises in their method of production. They have clear targets and they obviously pour their knowledge, research and experience into creating clothing that is designed for precise conditions. This is why their clothing items are so popular. In fact, many of their customers are constantly on the lookout to find great deals on the stock, so they can get their hands on the latest pieces.

The Adizero range is marketed as suitable for the hottest days on the bike, and to the touch, the jersey and bibshorts’ features clearly abide by the tenet that less is more.

Both the jersey and shorts are unbelievably light, noticeably so. When they’re in hand, their lack of weight is eyebrow raising, and when worn, both the bibshorts and jersey are very breathable. The Adizero range ticks the boxes that it sets out to, but the overall product is only suitable for extremely hot, short rides.

The Adizero jersey is made from a nylon front and polyster back, with a thin mesh on the side panels. In hot weather the jersey performs exceptionally well, air moves freely around the body and the jersey fits perfectly. It’s azure blue is also eye catching. This jersey would be best used on a hot Mallorcan climb in the middle of summer. It has two small pockets, one on either side, which means that a gilet and arm warmers for descending come at the expense of extra food or an extra tube, so versatility of the jersey isn’t its defining feature. The angle of the pocket edge is made for easy access, but if you lean too far forward, things tend to fall out. The extremely thin material on the back and mesh on the sides also demand a layer of sun cream all over to avoid any sun burn. There isn’t a listed temperature range for this kit on the Adidas website but I think it’s definitely above 25 degrees.

The Adizero Evasus bib shorts have a similar thin material on the side panels, but are opaque in all the right places. They tip the scales at 99g, which is an impressive achievement, especially given the quality of the chamois. Similar to other Adidas chamois, this one is expertly engineered, it seems a bit thin in some places, but on the bike it performs exceptionally well, with the perineum padded on either side to soften the movement with each pedal stroke. Plain black shorts are bread and butter for cycling fashion, and these shorts execute it perfectly, the subtle small Adidas logo on the thigh maintains the understated cool look of the jersey and bib shorts.

The cuffs on all the Adizero kit is a single strip of gel which keeps it all in place, adding to comfort and preventing bunching.

Adidas have started with a clear objective with this kit and they’ve succeeded. It feels almost like a prototype given just how light it is. On a hot climb near the Mediterranean there is no better kit, but anywhere else, there is a flaw. In their pursuit to make the lightest, most breathable kit, they’ve pigeonholed the Adizero line, it really is only suitable for a short ride somewhere that’s much hotter than the UK.

Adizero jersey


RRP 100, currently 50 on website

available here

Adizero Evasus bib shorts


RRP 120

available here

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