Best Customisable Wristband Creations

Custom wristbands are a great way to raise awareness. They’re also ideal for promoting a good cause, advertising a product, or just simply engraving or printing a design unique to you.

They’re incredibly versatile and durable, as well, meaning it’ll be with you for a significant time, replacing it only if you have another design in mind.

Today, I’ll be listing 3 best customisable wristband creations you’ll love!

Debossed Wristband

One of the most popular ways to customise a wristband is by engraving letters upon the silicone surface.

The word ‘deboss’ simply means to stamp a design into a surface so that it’s permanently indented. Whether it be a word, a logo, or even a symbol, there’s little to no limitations when it comes to debossing a design on a wristband.

Debossed wristbands are by far the most popular style used in customisable wristband creations. This is primarily because the message won’t ever fade as it’s deeply cut into the silicone.

You can find customisable debossed wristband creations on the Sleekwristbands website. There, you can select your wristband size, the wristband colour of your choice, and the message and/or symbol you’d like to add. The design can be engraved on the front, back, or inside the wristband.

If you want to take your debossed design a little further, you can use an ink injected wristband design to make the text in your band pop even more. 

Printed Wristbands

What I love about printed wristbands is that you can print virtually anything you want in the silicone band. From letterings, logos, to full-fledged pictures of your favourite TV show character, anything is possible.

Most of the time, manufacturers that design printed wristbands use laser printing and thermal imaging to render the design on the wristband. This process makes the lettering stick longer than other methods.

For those who want a secret message printed on the inside of their wristbands, it can also come printed in dual layers. The contrasting colours both in the inner and outer layers give it a look with more overall depth.

If desired, you can request lettering both inside and out. Doing so will allow you to wear the band reversibly. It’s slightly more complicated to make than standard printed wristbands, but it’s an accessory that’s quite trendy for people to wear.

Figured Wristbands

If you want your design to be the wristband’s centre of attention, figured wristbands are your best choice. This band typically has a molded space in the middle of the band to fit a graphic design. Alongside the design, you can also add your preferred text or symbol.

Other styles, like debossed and debossed-printed designs, can be incorporated with a figured wristband. Doing so will make it look even more unique than standard wristbands.


There are many ways you can customise your wristbands. You can add a quote, a unique logo, a special engraving! Wristbands are certainly one of those great accessories that users can have fun with!

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