Boot Camp for Adults – Are You Brave Enough?

A couple of months ago, a close friend of mine attended a fitness boot camp for adults. Having let her exercise routine slide since the birth of her child some 8 months earlier, she needed a boost to kick start her regime and wanted to do something drastic! Though I was skeptical about her taking such measures, I was keen to find out more about what such boot camps offered for us adults – having only ever heard of kid’s camps for fighting the fat.

What is an Adult Boot Camp?

What seems to be a popular method of instantly kick starting a new diet and training regime, Adult Boot Camps have without a doubt become the talk of the fitness industry over recent years. Men and women can sign up to a selected one week to two-week camp whereby they fully commit to a dedicated diet and specific training routine that is devised by the camp members themselves. These members of staff are usually former trained army staff, who encourage the adults to stick to their plan for the camps duration.

Though not for the faint hearted, such camps have seen some extremely impressive results over their time and often from the most resistance of those that attended!

The Mantra of a Bootcamp

The whole idea of a boot camp and these fitness programs is to get you to a reasonable fitness level in a short space of time, with the hope that when you return home you will have the knowledge and willpower to continue a healthier path. This route should be easier when you have made those all-important first steps towards your goal.

The best thing is, everyone can gain something from joining a fitness boot camp, no matter how old you are. These programs are made for everyone-teens, adults, and even older citizens. Talking about seniors, people don’t talk about fitness as much. But as a senior, taking care of your fitness is vital for both your physical and mental well-being.

These days, various companies like Clover Group Buffalo (or the one elsewhere) often organize numerous support programs that tend to promote physical wellness for seniors. You can also be part of one such program or a boot camp because it can provide a structured and supportive environment to improve fitness, and enhance your overall well-being.

The way boot camp works is by a succession of activities and ideas:

A healthy and balanced diet – no drastic or little to no eating here, with an emphasis on healthier and better tasting foods to encourage a quicker weight loss at the camp.

A fun and challenging fitness routine – no extreme measures but just enough to push your body to its more capable limits to see results.

A life changing experience – The moral of the camp is to force you to reconsider your current lifestyle and identify where the changes need to be made. This will hopefully see you keep to these changes once you return home.

Boot Camps May Be the Future

Though my fitness levels are good, and I don’t necessarily fit the category for these boot camps, I can see the benefits of attending such a session. When you begin on a diet, healthy eating plan or new exercise regime for the first time ever, particularly if you have never attempted such a thing before, it is hugely daunting. It’s little wonder many will fail within the first few weeks.

Perhaps taking part in a boot camp could be the best start for you if you feel you need the added support right at the beginning of your route to keep you on track.

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