Bristol for the Adventurous Travellers

If you’re feeling even more adventurous and wish to have a closer look at the sights in Bristol, then the Hop on Hop Off bus is a great way to see a lot of the city. Make sure to arrive early, as buses are filling up quickly on weekdays.

If you are looking for a relaxing day out, then the city’s gorgeous parks will tickle your senses and satisfy all of your senses. From historic parks such as Goldsmiths’ Park and Palk’s Park to smaller neighbourhood parks like All Saints Green and Connaught Gardens, there is a perfect park for everyone in Bristol.

Alternatively, you may wish to enjoy the many museums of Bristol from some short-term accommodation. The city’s most famous and important museums include the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Childhood, Bristol Museum, and the Bath House Museum.

Want to Visit the Whole Town?

Vicki Kenny has lived in Bristol for almost 18 years. She is a member of Bristol Society of Artists and has a deep connection to the city. Now, Vicki is also sharing her local knowledge of Bristol, with the aim to introduce others to a great and vibrant place, which is steeped in history and fantastic cultural centres.

Vicki lives in the city with her husband, Sam, and she shares her love of Bristol on her website. Vicki enjoys painting and drawing, and her artwork is well received both locally and nationally. Her work is bold and distinctive, but she feels that this is because she has tried to convey the essence of Bristol.

With a wealth of history, culture, and diversity, Bristol is a place for everyone to visit. If you’re looking for a fun and welcoming place to live, you may want to consider relocating to the beautiful city of Bristol. When we decided to visit Bristol, we thought that we could use this trip as a sort of testing ground for our potential new home in the city. Luckily, Bristol agreed, offering us a wide range of accommodation to suit our budget. Some of the following accommodation options are no longer available, while other rentals have changed their rates for the holiday period. These rates are accurate as of November 2016.

Now, the following guide is just one person’s opinion. Please feel free to share your experience with any of the recommendations. Bristol can be a great place to enjoy from some short-term accommodation and it has different activities for different people!

Suites and flats

There are many options for renting a flat or a hotel room in Bristol. These places offer a wide range of holiday packages, with a good selection of quality short-term accommodation. Some have holiday packages for couples, others offer holiday packages for families, with both short and long stays available. These holiday packages include meals, drinks, and entertainment in the hotel.

While not every hotel or room is full-service, a good number of Bristol hotels have a lounge area and a restaurant. Many have hotel rooms with balconies, while others have stunning views. It is also possible to book a bed in a room on a fully serviced flat, which means that the property has a kitchen and bathroom. If you’re travelling with a partner, perhaps a flat with a larger apartment area may be a better option. Some properties offer a fully serviced flat for one person.

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