Coolest Sunglasses Innovations for Athletes That Will Enhance Your Eyesight and Your Style

There are so many great ways you can enhance your style. You can purchase a new pair of kicks, switch up your jewelry wardrobe, and give the latest hairstyle a spin. But, one of the best ways to switch up your look on a regular basis is to wear a different pair of sunglasses.

Not only are sunglasses a great way for everyday people to change their appearance, sports glasses are a great way for athletes to change their style for each game.

Sports glasses are even cooler because they have the added benefit of science. Here are a few of the coolest sunglass innovations for athletes that will enhance your eyesight and your style. Of course, if you usually have issues with your eyesight, it might make more sense to wear some prescription glasses or consider getting laser eye surgery (learn more about the process here) to correct your vision. As an athlete, you need your vision to be as good as possible to help you win, so make sure that whatever you’re wearing is best for your vision.

Tinted Lenses in Every Color of the Rainbow

Sunglasses can be tinted with many different shades, enabling you to choose a color that best compliments your outfit. But, those tinted lenses are much more than a fashion statement for athletes. They can actually increase your performance.

A few different lens color options include:

  • Yellow: Can heighten the contrast in low-light conditions by filtering blue light. This lens color is perfect for cyclists, snowboarders, and tennis players.
  • Dark amber or brown: Blocks blue light in bright conditions, providing a larger contrast on grass and against blue skies. This lens color is perfect for baseball players, fishermen, and water sports.
  • Gray: Reduces overall brightness while preserving saturation of color. This lens color is perfect for any athlete dealing with extremely bright conditions.

Controlling Glare in Style

Tinted lenses are great at altering the way light filters through the lenses, making your surroundings easier to observe. But, it’s not just direct sunlight that can cause problems for athletes. Glare can be a huge issue.

The solution is an anti-reflective lens coating.

This special coating is able to decrease the reflection of bright lights in a wide variety of situations. It can decrease the reflection of headlights when you’re driving your car, but it can also cut back on reflections on the water and on the lens itself, making it a good solution for athletes.

In addition, anti-reflective coatings don’t affect the appearance of the glasses, allowing you to look good while you’re on the field.

Custom Fitted Frames

If you really want to make sure your glasses fit and perform perfectly, consider custom fitted frames. A professional optician can help you determine which frame, style, and shape would be best for your face. Some opticians can even measure your head, creating a custom set of frames just for you.

It won’t even feel like you’re wearing sunglasses when you choose a custom fitted frame. That means spending less time adjusting your glasses and more time focused on the game.

You don’t have to compromise your style if sports performance is your ultimate goal. Many of these features can be integrated into a wide variety of frame styles, shapes, and brands, ensuring that both your eyesight and your personal style are greatly enhanced, no matter what sport you play.

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