Female Bodybuilding – Pros and Cons

Bodybuilding is the utilization of progressive muscular resistance exercise to manipulate and grow one’s muscles for aesthetic reasons primarily. It differs from other similar endeavors like power lifting because it stresses physical appearance above all else. The beauty of bodybuilding is its ability to make a person physically appealing without actually being musically talented or a beauty pageant winner. One can achieve this through a careful balance of diet, training, and rest periods. The primary goal of bodybuilding is to stimulate biological changes in the body that will result in the formation of specific muscle groups.

There are a number of factors that affect the way an individual will build muscle mass and gain strength. These include age, gender, genetics, experience, and use of nutritional supplements, but no matter what the cause is, there are some key things bodybuilding nutrition requires that any successful bodybuilder should adhere to religiously. Because bodybuilding supplements are known to assist in muscle growth, a bodybuilder should ensure that they are regularly consuming protein. Protein is essential to repair the muscles damaged during training sessions, and consuming excessive amounts can cause serious health problems if not monitored.

Protein shakes are widely used by bodybuilders due to their convenience and efficacy in meeting dietary needs while gaining lean muscle mass. Protein shakes offer many benefits, including allowing for greater protein absorption rates throughout the day and boosting metabolism. Bodybuilders often choose to consume protein shakes prior to, and after, a training session. Protein shakes aid in providing the body with the basic amino acids necessary for repairing and building muscles. The shakes contain high levels of whey protein concentrate and casein, which provides the body with complete amino acid requirements for a successful physique. Although whey protein shakes have been known to be effective for many years, new studies have shown that ingesting the product before and after workout can produce even greater muscle gains.

Resistance training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and chin ups will help build biceps, triceps, chest, abs, and back muscles while simultaneously increasing muscle damage and retention. Prior to and after a resistance training session, bodybuilders should consume two protein shakes: one to recover the body from the workout, and another to repair and regenerate muscle tissue. Bodybuilders should also consume one to two gram protein per pound of body weight, which is approximately half an ounce of chicken. Protein shakes are available at virtually all health food stores, sports nutrition centers, and online retailers. It is important to consume this protein after completing a resistance training session to maximize the amount of muscle damage repair and regeneration. However, it is not recommended to consume the protein immediately following an intense exercise to prevent detrimental muscle damage.

Bodybuilding workouts often last between thirty and sixty minutes, but working out for up to three hours can result in negative implications on the body. A triathlete or athlete who works out for three hours in a week can drastically reduce their muscle growth and experience significant dehydration. Additionally, bodybuilders should not work out for more than three hours if they want to experience maximum results. Bodybuilders who work out for more than three hours may experience muscle breakdown and damage that can cause serious injury. Working out for longer periods of time weakens the heart and increases the chance for cardiac arrest or heart failure. Therefore, it is crucial for bodybuilders to plan their workouts based on their current physical condition and experience rather than wish to work out beyond their limit.

In conclusion, a career in professional bodybuilding requires serious commitment, discipline, and hard work. Although bodybuilding does not require a great deal of skill, it does require a great deal of dedication. As a female bodybuilder, a serious bodybuilder should be prepared to dedicate many hours to honing their bodybuilding craft and perfecting their physique. Many female bodybuilders have achieved professional bodybuilding status in the past by making themselves into the best female bodybuilder that they can be. Male bodybuilders who are preparing to enter the professional arena should take note that although bodybuilding offers significant health benefits, maintaining a healthy diet, including an adequate amount of protein, will also greatly aid in achieving optimal performance.

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