Headkayse foldable helmet

If, like me, you occasionally slip your cycle helmet onto the handlebars of your bike and risk sending it crashing to the floor, you may find this interesting, especially if you find lugging a lid around when you’re not on the bike something of a chore.

Headkayse, the flexible foldable helmet, provides a solution to both of these issues.

A helmet that condenses to half its usable size, flattens and slips into an easy to carry case that can be slung into a backpack sounds like a great – and seemingly improbable – idea, no?

Headkayse has been developed using a new type of semi-rigid foam material called Enkayse, which is springy but also robust. It is malleable, meaning that it is not only adjustable for comfort, but can withstand multiple impacts without causing permanent damage to itself – or the wearer.

This prototype of what promises to prove popular with cycle-hire users, feels sturdy and at the same time light, and with a tough outer skin and inner protective material about an inch thick, it also felt safe.

The finned design allows the helmet to expand and contract and also makes it easy to attach extras, such as lights and cameras, and when I took to the streets with it cradling my skull it didn’t feel unfashionable, rather – as the company insists – stylish.

Initially, despite its ability to hug the user, it was not the most comfortable of helmets to have graced my odd-contoured noggin. The chin strap has a quick and easy attach and release mechanism, but the plastic clip sat awkwardly in line with my Adam’s apple and I found it somewhat uncomfortable whenever I moved my head to either side.

Unbeknown to me at the time, the company has provided instructions for fully customising the product. The modifications it suggested were easily accomplished and, having given it another go, made the helmet perfectly snug.

It has been billed as a “game changer in cycling helmets” and it does, as it turns out, what the manufacturer claims – adjust and mould to fit any head shape. If I were keeping possession of this prototype, I would have no reservations in using it regularly on my commute to work in London.

Headkayse is seeking £60,000 to help with production through crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The helmet will retail for £89 when it becomes available and I can think of worse ways to spend cash.

Summary: A helmet that handily squashes down to half its size and will take more than a few knocks. Required the video to get it to fit properly but after that was a pleasure to use. Great for commuters but production is still not guaranteed.

3 / 5

Price: TBA

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