Home Gym Essentials

Just like we teach our students to lift with what they’ve got, it’s important that we maintain an active, effective home gym ourselves. With that in mind, we took inventory of the items we actually need for a home workout, to be arranged in a way that mirrors a brand new casino that has just been opened. That’s the ultimate secret to maintain the motivation to use your home gym space.

Circuit Breakers

We know what you’re thinking. “But Amelia, I’ve got a half-sized circuit machine.” We’ve already established that the benchtop or little gym machine you’ve got is not the best for weight training. In fact, because it’s so small, your joints aren’t used to so much weight. A better way is to choose a weight set that’s made with larger, heavier weights. Even if you’re doing some of your heaviest lifting in the basement, this home gym picks will still give you enough exercise options to be able to fill in with your benchtop workouts and other body-weight exercises.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a great way to make all kinds of exercises possible. They work by transferring the forces that occur when you move from one point to another, like from your thighs to your chest. For instance, a resistance band wrapped around your arms or waist will provide additional strength when lifting with weights. A resistance band is also easy to use to practice your kicking skills, and it can also be used to take a run.

Resistance Bands Come In Many Different Sizes

Of course, if you don’t like the feel of weight, resistance bands can also be used to add more of the resistance needed for a higher intensity workout. You can choose the strap of resistance band to accommodate a range of weights. Just as we taught our students in our classes at Anytime Fitness, you can make the bands more comfortable to use by putting them on a slant or even wrapping the rope around the wrist or ankle. Either way, it’ll be easier for your muscles to adjust to the added resistance.

Resistance Bands Get Lighter With The Use Of A Hammer

If you want to take the challenge to the next level, you’ll need a heavy-duty set of resistance bands to get your body used to working in the same way it does when you do it on a regular basis. We took advantage of a hammerer in our house to make sure our range of weights stayed high. A heavy-duty, wooden hammer works in exactly the same way as a weight set – but the hammerer gives you better strength than any benchtop machine. You can use a regular hammer to apply all kinds of hand and foot resistance exercises or you can lift weights directly off the rack. Either way, the weights won’t fall.

We’ve Got a Bunch Of Extra Ideas Too

If we only had a few suggestions for your home gym, we would start with these:

Make sure the area you’re using is adequate. If you don’t have room for some of the equipment you’re going to put in your home gym, you won’t be able to properly stretch, mix your drinks and do much of the body-weight stuff.

Use it regularly. Keeping your home gym in use is a great way to keep your body and mind active and to make sure you don’t get out of shape.

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