How the Hypervolt Go from Recoverfit can help your recovery

The Hypervolt Go has been developed as a more entry-level version of the Hypervolt by Hyperice, and it has just been launched in the UK by Recoverfit. Recoverfit now offers the Hypervolt Go alongside the Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus.

The Hypervolt Go helps with recovery and performance

The fitness industry has seen a lot of growth in recent years and whilst the pandemic has stunted the development of some, there has still been a lot of development around the knowledge of fitness and more specifically recovery.

Recoverfit are fitness recovery experts based in the South-West of the UK and are passionate about recovery and the role it plays in wider fitness and performance.

The new Hypervolt Go retails for £199 and is far lighter and 30% smaller than the previous models. There are a few benefits when it comes to percussion therapy within the fitness game. Products like the Hypervolt Go can help speed up your recovery and give you

It can also relieve muscle pain, stiffness and sourness. Many who have used products like the Hypervolt Go have also discussed benefits including increased range of motion, circulation and blood flow. This makes the product a very popular item when it comes to recovery, both for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes.

The Hypervolt Go is set to launch in the UK in mid-February with Recoverfit being the first to market for this hotly anticipated product. The smaller dimensions and more affordable price of the Hypervolt Go mean it is set to see good demand amongst those looking to increase the quality of their workout recoveries without breaking the bank.

Some of the key features of the new Hypervolt Go include a 3-speed setting, TSA approval for carry-on luggage, a 18 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and 2 interchangeable head attachments.

The Hypervolt Go is just one product that Recoverfit offers that helps people with their fitness recovery. In addition to the more premium Hypervolt massage guns, Recoverfit also specialises in Normatec recovery systems designed to help top athletes get a competitive edge when it comes to their recovery game. Products like the Hypervolt Go will help give the chance for the more entry-level fitness enthusiast to look after their Recovery.

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