How to Deal with Your Breasts While Running

Running can be a great exercise. Whether you’re in the great outdoors or hitting it hard on the treadmill, running can help improve cardiovascular output by up to 27% as well as burning fat and helping to tone your legs and bum.

However, running can have an adverse effect on the health of your breasts. Do you experience pain when you run because of boob movement? This is not an uncommon complaint as most girls know that breasts can be both a blessing and a curse.

The movement of breasts during running, or any exercise, in fact, can be extremely painful, especially for ladies with ample chest endowment.

Have the correct running posture

This is important for your entire body and not just your breasts. Having the incorrect posture can lead to shin splints, back problems, knee injuries and could even result in breakages and sprains in your lower body.

Whenever you are running, remember to stand tall with your shoulders back, face forward at all times and keep your knees soft. Have a swift heel-to-toe action and let your arms swing naturally by your side.

It is also worth investing in good quality trainers that are designed for your gait. Bad quality trainers will wear down the sole quickly and result in less cushioning for pounding the pavement or treadmill.

Keeping the breasts under control

If you want to stop boobs bouncing while running, you’ll need to take a good look at your chest support garments.

A cheap sports bra can provide little to no support depending on the material, brand or structure. That’s why it is essential, especially if you are larger chested, to invest in a decent sports bra that can accurately keep your boobs in check. You can find great advice on how to pick the best sports bra for you at Get Bra Advice.

If you are still experiencing excessive bounce, even with a decent sports bra, try not to double up as this can result in circulation cut off and discomfort. If you are in this situation, look into shelf bras which are basic compression bands that sit on top of your regular sports bra at the top of your boobs. These can help prevent movement in all directions without being too uncomfortable.

Alternative exercise

Of course, if it all seems a bit much, there are definitely other exercises you can do that don’t involve a lot of upper body movement but still give you a good workout. Yoga and static weight exercises can be great for burning fat and toning up.

If you are going down the weight route, do lots of reps with small weights to mimic the fat burning and cardiovascular improvement that running can provide.

Cycling is another exercise that doesn’t require too much boob movement and may be gentler on your boobs. If you’re trying to stop boobs bouncing while exercising, cycling could be the option for you.

Or, try swimming. As long as you have an appropriate swimsuit, your boobs should be support enough and the added buoyancy from the water will be easier when doing this cardiovascular exercise.

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