How to find the best women’s CrossFit clothing

Be smart with your purchase

Before purchasing workout attire, remember this: Make sure the clothing is either stylish or functional. If you’re interested in buying workout clothes from a retailer other than your local one, most are filled with colourful, garish and highly designed clothing.

While it may look good on the clothes rack, it’s going to look cheap after you get it home and wash it. Instead, save your cash for the good stuff: workout shoes, shirts and pants that perform at a high level, and are high quality and durable. Also, don’t discount store-brand athletic clothes. They’re cheaper than brands, but as long as you know what you’re getting, and you’re getting a quality product, the extra dollar or two is more than worth it.

We looked at dozens of Women’s Crossfit and Gym Clothing from TrainFit. We evaluated how well the products performed, and what types of activities they could be used for, in addition to the price tag. Here are our top recommendations for fitness gear that will give you all the benefits of a quality workout:

Go with brand power

While Amazon does a good job, it isn’t the first brand you’ll find if you’re shopping for women’s workout clothing. Some of the brand names we looked at, such as Under Armour and Adidas, have the greatest number of top-ranked items and stock a good range of women’s gym clothing.

But if your gym is small, you want to save on the cost, and stick to brands with a decent selection. A good general rule of thumb for men’s shoes: If you can find multiple colour options from the same brand, the product is a good buy. With women’s athletic apparel, the same rules hold true: For example, if you can find multiple options and colours from the same retailer, it’s a good purchase.

Get active

If you want to try a brand new exercise routine and become active, and your budget allows it, then it’s worth it to invest in good clothes. However, before committing to a top brand, try it out for several weeks. You may love the clothes that are more functional, but ultimately decide the brand isn’t worth the price.

At the end of the day, it’s better to get something good than nothing at all. Even if it costs more, spend some time and research the brands you’re interested in before you buy. Some of our recommendations may be available in different colours and patterns than the ones we’ve featured. Also, make sure you do your homework. There are dozens of retailers out there that sell women’s gym clothing for CrossFit and general workouts. Shop around before making a purchase, and find out what different retailers charge for various sizes and weights of the same items.

Just because it’s a little more expensive than you’d normally buy from a department store, doesn’t mean it’s going to wear out any more quickly. In fact, the quality of the clothing could actually get better over time, but because the fabric is so strong and durable, it doesn’t need to be washed as often. While you could spend more money on top brands, you may be better off with an item that will last longer, and fit you well at a lower price point.

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