How Vaping is better for Your Health than Smoking

Smoking tobacco has dire effects on our health and those who are close to us. With this, it is imperative that you stop the smoking habit.

Well, those who choose to quit smoking experience huge challenges. Tobacco contains nicotine substance which is highly addictive. As such, any attempt to stop the behaviour without addressing the addictive nicotine substance is bound to fail or cause serious withdrawal effects. That is probably why many are using cannabis vape pens (check lowpricebud for more info) as an alternative method to tackle nicotine addiction.

Other than being addictive, nicotine is not harmful. It’s the combustion and the resultant smoke from tobacco that causes diseases. This is why tobaccoless pouches of nicotine are such a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes and smoking.

Here are 3 major reasons why you should quit smoking.

  1. Reduces Your Chance of Contracting Diseases

An ordinary tobacco cigar contains 3000 to 4000 chemicals. Out of these chemicals, 60 of them are carcinogenic.

Every year a huge number of people die due to tobacco-related diseases. These include stroke, cancer and emphysema. Others live in pain due to problems associated with tobacco. All these effects result from the chemical composition of the product and the smoke that emanates from their combustion.

At this point, vaping is the best solution to this mess. It addresses your addictive needs by containing some elements of nicotine in its flavours – or you could switch to smoking another substance through a glass from somewhere like smokers vice. With a vape device, since there is no combustion, your lungs will not be exposed to smoke and soot.

  1. Helps Protect Others

There is a social benefit to making a shift from smoking to vaping. Other than the benefits that are direct to you, vaping helps improve the health conditions of those around you.

When smoking tobacco, you will be exhaling chemicals and smoke into the environment. This smoke eventually lands on those who are near you. When the inhale it, the effects are similar to the ones you face; stroke, lung diseases, heart attack and emphysema.

Once you switch to vaping, there will be no combustion as such, no soot, smoke or odour will affect those near you. Further, the aroma that emanates from the flavours you choose is quite relaxing.

For the avoidance of doubt, the aroma from vaping doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals and carcinogens that are present in ordinary cigars. As such, you can acquire a vape from and enjoy these benefits.

  1. Boost the Safety around Your Home

Vaping offers a safer alternative when compared to smoking. In order to get the addictive nicotine into your body, you will need to combust the conventional tobacco cigarette. There are various safety concerns when you choose to smoke.

If you smoke near combustive gases, liquids and materials, the possibility of causing fires is quite high. That’s the main reason you’ll see “NO SMOKING” signs on all gas stations. If a fire were to happen in a gas station, the effects would be adverse.

On the other hand, vaping does use combustion. As such, the risks of fires are almost zero. However, you will need to check that the batteries are in shape. Also, ensure the chargers are handled correctly. With these simple precautions, you are safe to use your vaping pen at any time of day and night as you may deem fit.

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