Improving the world’s health one vape at a time

Smoking tobacco kills around six million people internationally every year. In spite of massive public health efforts to encourage people to quit and to prevent the younger generation from starting it remains the top greatest cause of ill health and premature death.

Even with the restrictions that are on tobacco advertising and smoking in pubs, shops and other public places the younger generation still continue to take up smoking. With this in mind, how should we judge the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes?


E-cigarettes deliver a nicotine hit by heating up a nicotine-containing propylene glycol (or e-liquid) to create an aerosol (this is known as vapour) which is then inhaled. This liquid comes in a variety of flavours, with many brands such as Nasty Juice and other similar ones out there that sell it. These are generally disposable cartridges that you can smoke and throw away after you’re done with them.

Put in simple terms, they deliver the nicotine hit almost as effectively as a normal tobacco cigarette but without the majority of other chemicals that are present in tobacco smoke. This means vapes can be the best option for all those who want to quit smoking but are looking for a safer alternative. They can likely buy Elux Legend vape bars or the like to try their hands at it.

Apparently, there is a whole, brand new culture emerging around ‘vaping’ and many devices offer a large selection of e-liquids with varying nicotine content and flavouring. There are enthusiasts who modify their e-cigarettes and participate in ‘cloud chasing’ – a competition to produce the biggest and most spectacular clouds of vapour.

The quick progression in growth of the use of e-cigarettes, especially with regards to smokers trying to quit or to cut down, has taken the public health community along with the tobacco industry by surprise.

Less chemicals

There are much less chemicals present in an e-cigarette vapour compared to tobacco smoke. This means that you can be confident that vaping will be much, much less harmful to you than smoking. Research done into how cells found in the arteries of the heart responded when they were exposed to both tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapour produced results that the cells showed a clear stress response from the tobacco smoke, however NOT from the e-cigarette smoke. This research would suggest that tobacco smokers could immediately reduce any tobacco related harm by switching to e-cigarettes.

Where to start?

A lot of people aren’t sure where to start with vaping and usually end up buying a disposable e-cigarette. You could use a disposable one to try out vaping for the first time to see if it’s for you, but if you want a more enjoyable (and cost effective) solution you’ll need quality products and a vast selection of great tasting flavours.

Make sure you buy your kit from a reliable site like Smokea this will mean you get the best possible experience.

You will need a setup consisting of five items to get you started. Here are a few things you need to know.

  1. A ‘tank’ is where the fluid is stored. It is attached to the battery and uses a wick to carry the juice to the coil.
  2. ‘E-Juice’ is a flavoured liquid that is heated to produce the vapour for you to inhale. There are hundreds of flavours for you to choose from.
  3. A battery charger is needed also – this can be used via a power outlet or via USB.
  4. A ‘mod’ is the housing that contains the battery. This is what powers the heating of the coil that produces the vapour.
  5. A ‘drip tip’ is the part you inhale from. It attaches to the top of the tank.

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