Keeping Up Your Fitness Levels by Walking Through Pregnancy

Without a doubt, pregnancy can be one of the toughest times on a woman’s body. It therefore makes sense to take extra care with diet and indeed exercise at this most wonderful time. There has long been a debate about exercising during pregnancy, with much conflicting advice all over the place. However, each woman’s body is different and when pregnant each woman will react differently to these nine months.

Whilst it is not advisable to take up any strenuous form of activity at this stage, there is no reason why, if your pregnancy is safe and healthy, that you can’t continue to exercise whilst pregnant. Though swimming is said to be one of the most beneficial of activities during nearly all pregnancies, not everyone is keen on donning a swim suit and heading to the local bath every few days. But, there is one activity which is free and can yield huge benefits for women in all three of their trimesters. That is; walking!

#Walking Your Way to A Healthy Pregnancy

By dressing appropriately for the weather, and purchasing a good comfy pair of walking boots, regularly walking during pregnancy could have numerous benefits for both Mother and baby both before and after birth.

Walking is a more steady and safe activity which is free to do and offers a huge choice of scenery which you can change every day, or as little and often as you wish! Could you walk to work, the shops or the doctors? Is there a task you usually complete by driving to, but could walk to it instead? Is there a more picturesque view that you could take instead of your usual boring one?

If you are near woodlands, forests or parks, could you spare an hour or two a day to walk around them, getting some much-needed time out? It is amazing what you will begin to discover when you walk a route rather than driving past it! Walking encourages you to open your eyes to things that you may never had noticed before when inside of the car!

Walk Your Way to A Healthier Birth

One of my colleagues took up walking everywhere when pregnant with her third child, sometimes walking up to three times per day. She was even walking the dog for the second time that day when her waters broke! Consequently, she rates her third birth one of the more easier ones, putting it down to her walking habits. Though walking cannot make the birth any less painful, it can give you the extra strength and stamina, through a much-improved fitness level, to cope with the demands of labour. Now that is reason enough to take up walking at least!

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