Stickball Safety: Ways To Enjoy One of America’s Favorite Pastimes Safely

Baseball has been the American favorite for over a century and boys and girls everywhere clamored to imitate their favorite ball players. The most popular way was in a game of stickball. All that is needed to play is a broomstick, some rubber balls, and some bases. These were usually assigned to the manholes and fire hydrants in the street. Most popular in the streets of our northeastern states, stickball kept kids from all over busy from dusk to dark and now it’s making a comeback. So, here are a few ways you can make sure your neighborhood stickball game is safe and fun for everyone involved.

Play In A Safe Place

In the day, stickball was played openly in the streets of New England or in the public baseball fields and even in the back lots of some companies. There can be dangers in each situation, but the most danger is obviously applied to the street. Cars, trucks, and other vehicles are moving back and forth through the neighborhood all the time. If you live in a residential area with very little traffic in and out, it may be possible to conduct a good stickball game if you have an adult that will be a constant lookout for traffic. Otherwise, it is advised to have your fun at the local ball park or in your friend’s back yard.

Make Sure There are Plenty of Sunflower Seeds

In the big leagues, it has long been a tradition, or bad habit, to have a wad of chewing tobacco in your jaw, forcing you to have to spit out the juice on occasion throughout the game. Children copy what they idolize, but they are much too young to use tobacco and should be discouraged from the practice anyway. One way to combat this need to fit in is to provide an alternative. Most kids love chewing bubblegum and the rest are happy eating sunflower seeds and spitting the shells. Make sure to have plenty of both on hand.

The Rules Are Final

The rules of stickball differ from game to game, depending on the people playing. In one game, you may have a pitcher. In another, the players pitch to themselves. It could be a fast pitch or slow pitch game. The rules on what consist of an out can differ, as well. Whatever the case, make sure that everyone involved, knows and agrees to the rules of the game and that there are no exceptions. This will limit arguments and make the game all that more fun to play. Children and adults, alike, are bound to return to it again and again.  

Stickball is a great game and a wonderful way to get the kids and yourself outside for a little fresh air and healthy competition. If you follow the tips above, you are bound to have an experience you will want to repeat time and time again.  

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