Summertime Workout Essentials

The burn of your muscles as you work out is usually a good thing. The burn of the sun on your skin? Not so much. Exercising during these blisteringly hot days can feel downright hellish if you aren’t prepared well, and even the most enthusiastic of us can lose their motivation when faced with excessive sweat, stuffy rooms, and dizzying heat. Getting outside to do your workout definitely helps but, whilst it’s possible for things like the heavy bag workout and cardio, that’s not always the case. Nevertheless, we’ve worked hard on our bodies and now is definitely not the time to stop. We simply have to find a way to make exercising a little more fun and bearable during summer, and then we can get back on track. Interested in what kind of essentials you might need? Then read on.

Insulated water bottle

There’s nothing worse than reaching for a refreshing bottle of cold water after a long workout and ending up with a lukewarm, swampy taste in your mouth because it warmed up in the meantime. A good insulated bottle can solve this issue and keep your water cool for hours, but if you don’t want to splurge, you can also just drop a few ice cubes in your regular bottle to keep everything fresh.

Moisture-wicking tee

Cotton is actually not the best material for workout clothes because it soaks up all your sweat and it can take forever for it to evaporate. It’s a breathable material, but your clothes will be weighted down and you might start sweating even more. Instead of cotton, look for workout-specific garments made from dri-fit materials. Alternatively, you can also stick to crop tops or open-back shirts if you simply want your skin to breathe.

A ton of sunscreen

If you’re working out outdoors, there’s simply no way you can skip sunscreen. Since they can be a real pain to apply, stick to organic formulations that are free from irritants that could cause skin redness, and that don’t leave your skin all goopy and greasy. There are plenty of options out there even for people who hate sunscreen but realize they absolutely need it during a workout. Another thing to keep in mind? Protect your lips. Use a chapstick with some SPF in it and apply a thick coat to keep your lips from cracking and drying out.

Loose shorts

Shorts are great for summer workouts, and if you pick something with a nice loose fit your skin won’t have any trouble breathing. Find something that suits you and enjoy showing off your toned legs are you work out!

Good pair of tights

Of course, not all of us want to wear shorts as they exercise, so a good pair of tights is a wonderful option. Find something sleek, something made of quality fabrics that will air out your skin. You can always opt for a nice pair of compression tights for women because they give good muscle support, help prevent injuries, and they look pretty damn sexy to top it all off. Looking good while you exercise is important – it motivates you to do better and makes you want to admire your own progress in the mirror.

Baseball cap and sunglasses

If you’re running or doing any sort of work outside, a cap and a pair of sunglasses are always encouraged. They will shield your face from the sun’s glare, look cool when you put them on, and go a long way in helping you prevent wrinkles. That’s right, shielding your face will not only keep your skin from degrading due to sun damage, but it will prevent you from squinting all the time.

Air Conditioning

It is important to have a cool place to come home to so that you can cool your body and muscles down straight after a workout. There is nothing worse than coming home hot and sweaty after a workout and then having to walk into a swelteringly hot home. You can easily get an AC unit installed from places like Global Cooling (get it here) so that your home can become your cool sanctuary in the hotter times of the year.

Handy little towel

To prevent sweat from burning your eyes and soaking up the collar of your shirt, you might want to keep a towel with you at all times. A small face towel will do the trick, and you can find the one made out of a cooling material that will make you feel refreshed.

Don’t skip the socks

It might be tempting to shed a layer on your feet because they tend to sweat the most during a workout, but not wearing socks can actually be bad for you. You’re a lot more likely to get blisters, and it probably won’t help you feel cooler. What you can do instead is find socks made from aforementioned moisture-wicking fabrics and a pair of sneakers with ventilation holes. This will allow the air to circulate and you won’t feel like your feet are submerged in a hot swamp.

Summer’s a great time to exercise because it gives us so many outdoor options. As long as you bring the right equipment and protect your skin you’re bound to enjoy yourself, so grab these essentials and have fun working out!

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