Superfoods to keep you strong

Nutrient-rich and a catalyst for good health, superfoods come with an overall well-being. They have various health benefits such as optimising your immune system, body healing compounds, reduction of inflammation and it can kill off destructive bacteria. People consuming superfoods are healthier! So, add them to your grocery list and munch on them anytime and anywhere for better wellbeing. Here are the top 5 foods that will keep you strong all along:


Along with increasing healthy blood flow, this monounsaturated fat fruit is also good for brain health. It contains 20 different vitamins and minerals. Some of the most abundant nutrients found in avocados are Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. It also contents small amounts of Copper, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and more.

While being low in saturated far, avocados do not contain any sodium or cholesterol. They are the best type of fruit to munch on while you enjoy the many food and fruits slots.


A great source of fibre and iron, beans have many health benefits. Beans contain cancer fighting plant chemicals that reduce cancer risks. These are phytosterols and isoflavones. Beans play an important role in controlling blood cholesterol levels as they provide the body with soluble fibre. It reduces the LDL cholesterol by about 10 percent a day if you have half of 1 and a half cups of navy beans a day.

Some of the most popular beans safe to eat are red beans, pinto beans, navy beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, soybeans, black-eyed peas, black beans and lima beans.

Dark Chocolate

One of the benefits of dark chocolate is its free radical fighting ability. It helps your body fight against environmental toxins exposed to, daily. However, it should be consumed moderately. The tasty dark chocolate also helps you ward off cancer according to researchers. It also helps with better performance across several cognitive abilities and is great antioxidants capacity.

Improve your heart health with the main type of flavonoid found in dark chocolate, which has a very positive effect on heart health by improving blood flow to the heart and lower blood pressure. Superfoods become an essential part of our diet, especially in this fast-paced world where we hardly get enough time to maintain our health. Thus, in the case, you feel that you need to get in touch with a cardiovascular disease specialist (like a cardiologist in Dacula, John’s Creek, or somewhere in your vicinity), do not keep it pending and get yourself checked before any health problem occurs.


All berries come packed with compounds, fibre and antioxidants. It helps keep your body and mind strong if regularly eaten. Berries help improve insulin response and blood sugar. The fibre found in berries slows down the movement of food through your digestive tract. This leads to reduced hunger and feelings of fullness. Along with being high in antioxidants, berries also contain several vitamins and minerals.

For skin problems like wrinkling, consume berries. It helps control free radicals, which is one of the leading causes of skin damage contributing to aging. In addition, you could also look into skincare supplements, such as those by Beverly Hills MD, as a way to give your skin exactly what it needs – if this sounds like something you might be interested in, you could take a look at these Beverly Hills MD reviews to see what real people’s experience of using these products is so you can decide whether they might be a good fit for you.


Broccolis are one of the less favoured foods of many. It is actually packed with bone healthy vitamins. Some of these are vitamins K, A and C. This can reduce the overall of risk of cancer and quell tumour growth. The edible green plant also contributes to your daily need for calcium. It also contains the antioxidant vitamin C that helps look younger. It fights against skin damage caused by the sun and pollution and improve the overall skin texture.

To prevent constipation, eat broccolis! It has a natural fibre that promotes regularity and also play a role in regulating the immune system.

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