Sweatcoin App Review

For some people, the goal is to lose weight, stay in shape, and get in shape. But for others, it’s just being fit. Take your workout to the next level with the help of a fitness app. We’re on the path to find the best ones out there, used of course alongside our exploration of new casino apps and others which are purely for entertainment.

Fitness apps are designed to give you a quick and easy way to reach your fitness goals. Use one that’s free or paid and get workouts from a world-class personal trainer at the push of a button! For a little motivation or to stay motivated, download one which has guided, and audio fitness routines for a variety of different fitness goals. And when you’re ready to make that big move to the gym, download the Nike Training Club app, which is free and offers workout plans for everyone.

Otherwise here’s a review of Sweatcoin, which helps you take a little more of leisurely approach to keeping fit with tech.

The idea behind the app is pretty simple, you work out and get paid in the currency of your choice — for every mile you can run, box, or bike. For the past two years, I’ve been working out and running to get free digital currency — Sweatcoin. And after a trial period of a few weeks, I’ve concluded that Sweatcoin is a good way to get paid for working out.

A brand-new approach to fitness

The Sweatcoin app has its very own currency called Sweatcoin, which you can use to unlock rewards. It’s the new currency of fitness. Since it is a reward scheme for you, Sweatcoin is super simple to use. Just download the app, sync your phone, then go and work out. You can choose any type of workout and the app will track your runs. The app will keep track of your progress and cash out at a later date — once your wallet is full. This is when the app actually uses your sweat to unlock new rewards.

Each time you work out, you will earn Sweatcoins which are basically digital currency. Sweatcoin can be used to purchase exclusive Sweatcoin apparel and accessories.

Sweatcoin is a good way to get paid for working out.

What are Sweatcoins?

Sweatcoins are used to unlock rewards, you can redeem them for running apps, FitBits, customisable Sweatcoin boxing gloves, Sweatcoin flip flops and more. To get Sweatcoins, you have to exercise.

Sweatcoins can be used to buy apps, FitBits, and more.

That’s pretty much it, just go and do your workouts, and Sweatcoin will make you a bit richer. The currency can be used on the Sweatcoin app and website.

Does it work?

A free app doesn’t mean you should give up on earning rewards. The sweatcoins can be used to purchase an exclusive Sweatcoin app, FitBits, Sweatcoin flip flops, gloves, Fitbit trackers and more.

You can get Sweatcoins by using fitness apps like Runtastic.

Do I get cash back when I redeem my rewards?

When you redeem your rewards, you’ll get a sweatcoin (4 times), after that you need to sweat again to get more sweatcoins. The limit is 300 sweatcoins per day, you will be able to unlock rewards after 6 consecutive days of workouts. With that in mind, if you have 6 Sweatcoins you will be able to use them once and for all. If you want to earn Sweatcoins on a daily basis, you need to run 10km.

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