The Best Exercises for When You Are Low on Energy

Not every day is going to be perfect for getting out to run or for taking part in a high energy aerobics class. Yet, what if you just want to keep ticking over on those days when you are low on energy?

Fortunately, there are some terrific types of exercise you can enjoy when you are feeling low on energy. Take a look at these ideas and see if any of them might appeal to you when you are feeling that working out is too much like hard work.


There are a few different ways of doing yoga and some of them are more strenuous than others. However, what you just want to take it easy this is worth giving a try.

In its simplest and most relaxing form, yoga lets you stretch your muscles and feel good about life at the same time. Some people use this exercise as a way of meditating but you don’t need to get this deeply into it if you don’t want to.

Best of all, this is a great exercise for runners, as it stretched and lengthens leg muscles, which can help to avoid injuries when running.

Vibration Plates

If you have never tried vibration plates then this is a type of exercise that you should definitely consider giving a go. It is incredibly easy to do, even when you are feeling tired or a little bit lazy.

If you see one of these machines in your local gym then you should certainly try it out. You might even be tempted to look for the best vibration plate to use at home, for those days when going out for a run just seems too much like hard work.

Park Further Away

Ok, so they are definitely some days when leaving the car at home and walking to work or the shops makes sense. However, what about those days when that seems just too much like hard work?

Well, on these days what about driving there but parking a little bit further away? After all, walking for a few minutes has got to be better than not doing anything at all.

You might even find that a short bout of exercise like this helps you to get into the mood for doing some more strenuous later on. If not, it will make you feel as though you have done something today at least.

Walk up the Stairs

Does using the elevator or the escalator seem like a very tempting option at times? This is understandable but you should try and avoid taking the lazy approach as much as you can.

Even in your least energetic days you should still find that taking the stairs is possible. It isn’t a great workout – unless you work on something like the 10th floor – but it will keep you from feeling that you have done nothing that day.

By doing any of these gentle exercises you will feel as though you have done something productive in the day to make yourself feel good.

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