The Best Out of Water Exercises for Kayakers

To get the most out of kayaking, it is important that you retain strength, ability and motivation. Training and exercising out of the water can be hugely beneficial to your core strength which can help give you more power and tone your muscles. Here are some of the best out of water exercises for kayakers.

Stretching and Warm Ups

Before you go out kayaking, it is essential that you physically prepare your body to eliminate any risk of strained muscles or any other injuries that can occur. Spending 5 minutes stretching and warming up will help wake up your muscles and ensure you are ready to go in the water. Side bends and torso twists are recommended movement patterns to help loosen up your joints. It is also advised to do stretches after a workout to help lengthen and relax the muscle groups you have been training. Also, there are a range of products available for kayaking such as the Coleman Colorado inflatable fishing kayak.

Aerobic Training

A type of training to consider is aerobic exercise and cross training. Whilst swimming is classed as the best cross training activity, there are many things you can do on land which can provide you with the same benefits. These include hiking, mountain biking and jogging. All three of these exercises can help train your leg muscles and give them the training they need. As your upper body is the main area of focus when kayaking, it is important to take care and maintain the condition of your lower body to ensure you are in appropriate shape for hitting the water.

Strength Training

When kayaking, the repetitive nature of the sport can potentially cause harm to your upper body. The most common affected areas when paddling is in the lower and upper back. This is because the sport involves a lot of forward bending which can cause strain and injury. To ensure you have a good paddling technique, it is advised to do a resistance training routine on you full body 1-3 times a week. The training routine can also help improve your posture. A single leg squat, a wood chop or chest fly with resistance band are good exercises to consider helping keep your body in shape and strong for kayaking.

Core Training

Whilst many may think that the arms and shoulders are the core parts that are used when kayaking and paddling, the main muscles that are used are in your torso and upper back. Conducting core training can help strengthen your torso and leg endurance to ensure you are able to spend prolonged periods of time in water without any straining. Core training exercises like a stability ball crunch with twist can help your propulsion when kayaking.

If you are interested in learning more out of water exercises for kayaking or you would like more information into how to do an exercise, there are many online websites that can help give you instructions as well as any guidance you may require.

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