Utilising the Pomodoro Technique for Household Chores

For many years, I found household chores the most mundane and time-consuming tasks ever. Every time I came to get down to work, I could come up with a list of hundreds of activities I would rather be doing instead – mainly running. I was forever wondering how those smiley happy people on TV seemed to enjoy and make ordinary household chores a time of fun, because for me it was utter torture!

It was only through sheer chance that I stumbled across a new kind of technique, which gave me the idea for implementing a bit of a shake up with my every day essential chores.

What is Pomodoro?

If you’ve never heard of the Pomodoro technique, you aren’t alone! Pomodoro is a time management technique which is greatly favoured by many a writer when they are amid books, or work which they really need to break up to keep their concentration from waning. In fact, it was a writing friend who first introduced me to this concept. But, I wondered, who was to say it couldn’t be used by anyone else looking for an effective time keeping method?

Pomodoro is usually most effective when working in blocks, and then breaking for a short time, before beginning once again. Currently the most popular use of it is 25 minutes pure work time and then 5 minutes exact break time. The idea of Pomodoro is to work smarter not harder, and it is greatly favoured by those in office based roles. But, being a target and project based kind of person, I knew I could incorporate this technique into my household work load for something to break up the monotony.

My Current Pomodoro Technique for Household Chores

I set the timer on my phone for my Pomodoro technique. With all the jobs I must get through that day, I usually do the whole house in one morning! I begin by writing out the tasks to be done, and then breaking them down into the Pomodoro sections, with a push on getting as many tasks as possible done in each section. I then hit the timer and go, making sure to get the most from this work by almost running or jogging on the spot as I do it. You see, I figured why not make the chore time, exercise time? With the music on full blast, I tackle each section with gusto, stopping for a five-minute breather to check my phone as a treat each time!

Completing chores has never been so much fun! Why not see if the Pomodoro challenge works for you? You can find out more at https://cirillocompany.de/pages/pomodoro-technique


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