What Are Best Supplements for Runners?

An avid runner knows the importance of being well-prepared for the marathon, but also the importance of staying healthy after it. In addition to training several times a week and sticking to a healthy diet, you should also consider taking some supplements. Sadly, many newbie runners aren’t too familiar with supplements, so when they go out to buy something they think they need, they often end up wasting their time and money. We’re here to help – here’s what every dedicated runner should have in their locker.


You know how coffee helps you wake up in the morning and gives you that energy boost when you have a long day ahead of you? This is because caffeine can help boost your performance if taken at moderate doses. While you might not be able to drink a lot of coffee before you run (it might be counterproductive), you can try getting caffeine in the form of supplements. When you take caffeine without water it might have a better effect on you. So, instead of sipping coffee before you go for a run, you might want to take a caffeine supplement. Keep in mind that this isn’t a magical ingredient – it will only make the effort seem easier by giving you more energy. Those looking for more examples of supplements intended to energize those that take them may want to check out energy renew which could help provide them with that much-needed boost.


CBD is becoming more popular as a treatment for muscle and joint aches and pains. Runners will be familiar with both, so may want to explore getting high CBD strains of medical marijuana from a site like https://ilgm.com/ or somewhere similar. CBD can be applied topically and massaged into aching joints, helping you to recover faster from those high-impact sessions that really work your knees and ankles.


L-carnitine is known and popular for its fat-burning traits and a number of people reach for it when they’re trying to lose weight. On the other hand, it can also help with building muscle mass while burning fat, which will make it easier for you to get the body you want. When you exercise, L-carnitine will decrease the accumulated ammonia and increase your blood flow, thus improving your performance. After a difficult workout, it will also reduce soreness and speed recovery process, which is great when you’re on a tight schedule and want to recover as soon as possible. You can find liquid or capsule Solgar supplements and take it every day to optimize your recovery process.


For those who are working out hard and preparing for a marathon, the focus should be on endurance, and to help your body build stamina you should take magnesium. It is an incredibly important mineral, and it’s very prominent in our diet as well – it’s found in leafy greens and whole grains. Magnesium is also important for muscle contraction, and extreme sports, such as triathlons and marathons, can deplete its reserves from your body, which is why it should be taken as a supplement. Pick magnesium capsules or powder from different Swanson products and take it every day.

Fish oil

When your muscles are sore, and you feel like every step you take is more painful than the previous one, you might find good old fish oil helpful. The best thing about omega-3 fatty acids is that they’re beneficial in many ways. Not only do they lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, but they also have valuable anti-inflammatory traits. This means that joint pain you might be experiencing will be lower and your muscles will recover faster. You will find omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, tuna, as well as in walnuts, but you might also try adding some fish oil supplement to your diet at least three times a week (or more often if you run every day).

Whey protein

People tend to avoid whey protein powder because they believe that only bodybuilders use it. Luckily, whey isn’t useful for weightlifting only and it will not bulk you up, but it will help rebuild the muscles you’re tearing down regularly as you work out. On the bright side, whey is easy to digest, and it acts fast, so you can take it every day and perhaps even several times a day. As it will aid with muscle recovery, you should take it after a workout in the form of protein shake, and you can even pick a flavor among different Nutritech products.

A lot of people feel like supplements are something that only professional athletes should use, but it cannot be further from the truth. If you are running several times a week, you should know that it affects your body and health, and you don’t want to hurt yourself or get sick. By using the right supplements, you are fine-tuning your nutrition and helping your body stay healthy.

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