What is the Benefit of Wearing a Belt for Your Crossfit Workouts?

Based on extensive research of kettlebell exercises and the unique environment of the CrossFit workout room, many experts have researched the benefits of a CrossFit belt. Many have focused on reducing your load, creating the impression that you’re using less weight than you are. Based on this logic, many may conclude that you don’t need the belts at all. Others have focused on the muscle imbalances that the belts can create. These sorts of people rarely make any money in the CrossFit world and are generally poor promoters of the belt system.

You will quickly discover, however, that the belt system is both advantageous and valuable to your workouts. The system forces you to control your bar load to ensure that you’re putting in maximum effort throughout the entire workout. It also creates a more natural range of motion that allows you to use heavier weights than you could ever attempt without a CrossFit belt.

The same muscles used in the conventional workout are put to work in the CrossFit workout. It’s not just a matter of lifting heavier weights; you’re using your arms, legs, shoulders, and core to increase the CrossFit effectiveness of the exercise. The fact that the motions are more efficient leads to fewer workout injuries, which we already established are much lower in cases involving CrossFit. Finally, using the belt system requires you to focus on proper technique. It’s not enough to lift heavyweights in the middle of a workout. You need to use proper form and train for long periods to improve muscle imbalances.

Crossfit Straps

A typical CrossFit strap isn’t all that different from what you would see with an ordinary kettlebell workout. It may even be too heavy for an experienced kettlebell athlete, but for the novice or beginner, the straps can be useful.

The workout strap should be easy to wear and not interfere with your workouts. It should fit well and adjust to the thickness of your workout shirt, ideally having elastic material that allows you to tighten the straps slightly to add weight.

Some people prefer to wear a CrossFit belt. They claim that it offers better support and therefore allows for a greater range of motion. This idea is not only simplistic but also wrong. 

According to many experts, the belt can hinder a person’s performance. They claim that the belt supports the bar too much during the exercise, which decreases the range of motion of the exercise. There’s a reason that the belts aren’t allowed at most public gyms. They are highly impractical for the average person and often add unnecessary weight.

Crossfit Ties

Like belts, most CrossFit ties are not the easiest to wear and may even interfere with your workouts. However, some experts have argued that they are beneficial in helping your muscles stay in the proper position while you perform movements.

The ties come in all sorts of sizes and widths, so make sure you know what size will work for you.

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