Why the Hypervolt Go is Better than Other Massage Guns

Let’s start by acknowledging what the massage gun is. It’s a good gun for basic manual and practice massages, and especially the “textbook” ones. When we’re talking about medical treatments that require precision in their delivery, massage guns are only a short step away from high-tech machines with computer guidance. While the massages we get from massage machines are often overhyped, there is absolutely no question that they are getting better at producing results all the time.

To be able to deliver clinically effective, therapeutic massages to clients, we can’t go beyond the capabilities of the massage machines we have, for one simple reason: That’s all we have. We don’t have armies of expensive medical equipment sitting in supply rooms for the benefit of professional and everyday clients. And of course, the fact that we’re getting increasingly more comfortable with manual and manual-simulated treatments from therapists who are actually using massaging machines for therapeutic purposes is a good thing too.

For patients or clients who aren’t seeking the benefit of medical devices, massaging guns are the best bet we’ve got. They’re easy to use, deliver consistent results, and that’s about it. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that for people who aren’t training themselves to be skilled massage therapists, the massaging gun is the best way we have to learn.

So if a massage gun is all we have, what makes the best massage gun? Here are some things to consider, for a variety of potential purposes:

The Hypervolt Go

The Hypervolt Go comes with a horse-massage plug design that allows you to control the exact massaging speed and direction that you want to apply on your client. (Think of it like the human hand, but on a massaging machine.) These plugs are usually attached to the massaging arm, and provide an extremely efficient way to get a massage started. The plug has more than just massaging muscle fibres. Depending on the plug you get, you can get massages of the facial muscles, lymph nodes, sinuses, and so on. They’re handy if your massage therapist needs to be out in the field, but ultimately they don’t do much for more serious or more aggressive medical conditions.

In massagers with horse-massage plug you can generally take liberties in terms of how fast you work with your client. Some massage guns provide a set of massaging buttons that give you considerable control over how much pressure you apply to the client.

Built-in Temperature Control

If a massage gun is too hot, too cold, or just right, you can often adjust the temperature of the massage gun yourself. In some cases, this will only provide a small increase in the overall therapy, but the fact that you can adjust the temperature for individual muscle fibres could be an important factor in how successful you are.

There are many different ways to adjust a massaging machine. It’s best to choose one that has an automatic temperature controller built in like the Hypervolt Go, since otherwise you would have to have a very high degree of technical skill to adjust the temperature yourself.

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