Your Guide to an Eco-Friendly Workout

Maintaining a healthy environment for people and animals alike should be at the top of everyone’s list in the 21st century, but unfortunately this isn’t the case. A survey by Viessmann revealed that British people believe they are somewhat eco-conscious and with this not being at the top of people’s priority list, we want to know why.

It would appear that brands can play a big part in changing the nation’s eco-habits, as 23% of respondents would be more eco-conscious if brands offered and promoted more alternative products or services. And the best part is that several brands do offer sustainable clothing (visit to learn more). Apparently, pressure from peer groups is also a factor in changing people’s feelings towards the subject, along with protecting our future generations.

With all of this in mind, here are some tips to ensure your workout routine is as eco-friendly as possible.

Sustainable Clothing

Most workout clothing is made from nylon or polyester which are both high energy materials to produce and neither are biodegradable. Therefore, try to opt for clothing that’s made from recycled material or biodegradable materials such as bamboo cotton.

When you are done with your old workout clothes remember to recycle them, as this can help someone out whilst also ensuring your clothing doesn’t end up in landfill.

There are several choices available and many businesses offering alternatives. Except for items of clothing like sustainable socks, it might be a little harder to find, but when you start, you’ll find yourself getting into the eco habit.

Reusable Accessories

There’s no excuse for people to be using one-time use plastic water bottles any longer, not when it is so simple not to. Everyone should have at least one reusable water bottle, but a top tip is to purchase at least two. This way you can keep one at work and one at home, so you never forget yours again!

The Eco-Friendly Workout

Finally, when working out try to do it outdoors and using what’s naturally available. You don’t necessarily need a gym!

Go outdoors to run or walk with the family and ditch the treadmill, you’ll find there’s much nicer scenery. You may also consider cycling or doing a group session with friends.

If you choose to go to the gym, then walk or cycle, even in the rain as a little water doesn’t hurt.

No excuses now, make sure your workout is as eco-friendly as possible and get into the habit of having an eco-mindset. If you have any more tips then join the conversation on social.

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